Online advertising: who’s getting it right?

Simon van Wyk

As discussed in our most recent podcast, many marketers are hesitant to embrace online advertising because of the complexity it adds to their roles. Here are some inspirational examples of online campaigns that pull together several aspects and do it well, from the Digital Buzz Blog:

  • “The best job in the world”: Here’s an Australian campaign that has really taken off. Tourism Queensland launched a campaign revolving around the recruitment of a caretaker for the Barrier Reef Islands, whose main job will be to report back via blogs, Twitter, etc. what’s happening in the islands. According to Digital Buzz, “By now, everyone has seen or heard about the Island Reef Job Campaign by Tourism Queensland, it’s been everywhere, with the campaign being incredibly well executed across Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and website. Tourism Queensland was looking for 400,000 new website visitors over the campaign and enough applications to draw solid media attention, but that forecast was looking thin after the website had over 200,000 new visitors on the very first day of the campaign.” Launched in January, more than 2.5 million people by the time applications closed in late February, with more than 11,000 applications for the job (via one-minute video). The story has been picked up by more than 1,500 blogs, as well.
  • Cadbury makes a mess of it: Cadbury’s Goo the Egg bus shelter game, executed in the London, has been called a brilliant interactive execution. Check out the video link to see how splatting chocolate Easter eggs leads to brand recall. Cadbury is getting a reputation for viral success with its Eyebrow Dance and Drumming Gorilla ads.
  • Tweeting about laptops: Over the Christmas period Dell used Twitter to tell customers about great offers. They reportedly earned more than $1million from Twitter traffic alone, so Dell is now offering exclusive deals via Twitter every week. As Digital Buzz says, “They are providing real-time feedback, information and customer service to their followers about anything dell. I just can’t believe more brands aren’t doing this. With twitter users generally being very active in a social crowd, the benefits of using twitter to increase customer satisfaction, sales and support will be invaluable in 2009.”

Simon van Wyk
Simon van Wyk


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